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I was fortunate enough to work closely with Richard on several tax and accounting projects. He is one of the most committed and hardest working people I have had the pleasure to work beside. When it comes to tax and accounting, Richard seemingly has a eidetic memory. His level of precision and recall for rules and codes is nothing short of amazing.
— Carey A., Chief Administrative Officer, Severson & Werson

I worked with Richard for many years at Morrison Foerster. He is the most knowledgeable tax advisor I have worked with. The breadth of his expertise is excellent, from partnership, to sub-S to personal tax. I have called upon him many times for advice subsequent to my time at Morrison Foerster. I recommend him highly.
— Lee R., Chief Financial Officer, Cornerstone Research

Richard took a very complicated and tax situation 10 years ago and restructured it. Being a customer has afforded me the opportunity to have a consultant on my team as well as a CPA. He has been instrumental in several business acquisitions and real estate opportunities as a consultant in reviewing the financials and their fit into my portfolio.

Richard is extremely knowledgeable and keeps abreast of the current tax laws. I am secure in the filing of my taxes that they are complete and thorough.

It is a pleasure to know that every year I will have the same professional, knowledgeable person on my team guiding me for the following year.
— Christina L., Entrepreneur

Richard is one of our go-to referrals for nonprofits requiring an accountant. He is a diligent professional with a particular interest in contributing to the sector in and outside of his work. And Richard helps keep us abreast of current nonprofit accounting issues.
— Gene T. ; Managing Attorney, NEO Law Group

I have known Richard Pon for over 11 years, originally as a business associate (where he was our outside CPA) and now as my personal tax consultant.

When working in the corporate world I found Richard to be extremely competent and knowledgeable regarding tax laws and procedures. During that time he handled several corporate entities complex questions and tax return filings.

Over the years I have continued using Richard as my family’s tax consultant and for preparing our annual tax filings. I can confirm he is a man of great integrity and is dedicated to his family and work.
— Mary Jane F., Retired Controller (formerly Rockwood Capital), Retired CPA
Richard has been my business (LLC, C Corp, S Corp, nonprofit) and personal tax advisor for several years. He is the best and is amazingly accurate, insightful, and trustworthy.
— Tom L., Social Entrepreneur and CFO
I have worked with Richard as a volunteer for six years as a member of our audit committee. He is extremely dedicated, reliable and supportive with incredibly high attention to detail. He always can be counted on to thoroughly review audit drafts.

As a CPA helping our organization’s charitable trusts, I’ve been impressed by Richard’s client education efforts (sharing emails, articles, updates), and getting tax returns filed in record time.
— Audrey Y., Executive Director, Asian Pacific Fund