Minimizing Your Taxes and Managing Your Complex Affairs
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Making Sense of Your Numbers. Accounting for Endless Possibilities.

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Taxes are complicated. Some states follow federal rules and other states like California have unique set of rules. Businesses face a myriad of taxes including income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, use tax and local taxes. Whether your issue is stock options, choice of business entity or M&A due diligence, Richard Pon, CPA is here to help with your tax planning needs.

As a father, I pay close attention to tax law changes that impact families. I advise on issues such as education funding (such as 529 plans) or the”kiddie tax.” In fact, I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal on changes to the “kiddie tax” rules.

As a small business owner, I pay close attention to tax law changes that impact small and family businesses that are the backbone of America’s economy.


Richard is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) practitioner. CFP® certification is generally recognized as the highest standard in personal financial planning, qualifying financial planning professionals to provide their clients with comprehensive financial advice. Whether it’s budgeting, education savings, retirement planning, insurance, investment explanations or estate planning, Richard Pon, CPA, CFP® is here to help.

Richard is a fee-only financial planning practitioner which means he will not sell you insurance or investments.


Richard Pon, CPA is here to help with your tax return preparation. Tax return preparation is provided for individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC), trusts, nonprofit organizations (including charities, private foundations, and business leagues.) Nonprofit tax services include public support status, statement of functional expense and unrelated business tax reporting.

Most taxpayers treat their tax filing as an annual chore. I see it as an opportunity to understand your situation and to plan to minimize future taxes.


The startup and small business marketplace has a lot to deal with. Whether it's budgeting, accounting, risk management, human resources or financial planning, Richard Pon, CPA is here to help as your trusted CPA (Competent Professional Adviser - my idea of a CPA is more than just serving as an accountant) and tax consultant.

Nonprofit accounting services include statement of functional expense reporting which is required for all nonprofits with audited financial statements beginning 2018.


Fighting the government is a draining battle. Richard Pon, CPA may represent you or your company in income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, use tax or property tax audits.

In one success story, Richard convinced a New York sales tax auditor that their sampling methodology was biased and an assessment was reduced from $265,000 to $24,000.

In another success story, Richard helped a new client amend their corporate tax return and defended the amended tax return in a successful audit that resulted in a $300,000 California tax refund.


Hiring a part-time CFO on an as-needed basis can help you learn many important things about your business’ finances as well as reduce costs.  Small changes to a current business operations can have a dramatic increase in your company’s bottom line.

Richard Pon, CPA is here to serve as your part-time CFO. I help make sense of your numbers.