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Personal Finance Tip: How to Save on Your Museum Visits

If you visit a museum regularly, a museum membership generally is more cost effective than buying tickets each time.

·         Generally, museum memberships will entitle the holder to unlimited visits and sometimes will provide guest passes.

·         A portion of your membership may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

·         Some museum memberships allow you reciprocal visits to museums outside your local area through the North American Reciprocal Museum Association. For example, Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco is a member in this reciprocal program.

Better yet, visit the museum for free. With the cost of many Bay Area museum tickets over $25 a ticket, the cost of a family visit can easily reach $100.

Many museums have occasional free days or pay-what-you-wish days.

Use the Discover & Go program, which provides free admission to more than 35 Bay Area cultural attractions through local libraries (such as the San Francisco public library). Check with your library to see if it participates in the program. If it does, you can get free passes online from the library's website. However, some passes are available for only those families with children.


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