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My Best of 2018 List

Since every critic is posting their Best of 2018 list, I am throwing in my two cents:

BEST TV SHOW: With a new baby, I had little time to watch television but my favorite series was Star Trek Discovery. I recently watched the first season DVD (so you don’t have to subscribe to CBS All Access to watch it.) New characters and legends for the Star Trek Universe without the burden of having watched any prior Star Trek series.

BEST MOVIE: Unfortunately I didn’t see any films in the theater and saw very few on DVD. My favorite was Black Panther as it expanded the Marvel Universe and brought pride to a community that did not have a lot of super hero representation.

BEST TAX PLAN: For those with business income, many taxpayers planned to take advantage of the 20% passthrough deduction for income from sole proprietorships as well as passthrough income from partnerships, LLCs and S-corporations.

BEST USE OF MY TAX DOLLARS: I discovered the San Francisco Public Library has many magazines on the Flipster ap. I save hundreds of dollars now by reading my favorite magazines on their app for free. (Time, Business Week, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Money, Fortune, Forbes - most magazines are there except they no longer have TV Guide) For more info on SFPL’s Flipster Ap see:

BEST MOMENT OF MY YEAR: My son started walking in December and had his first birthday before 2018 closed.


Richard Pon, CPA, CFP

Richard Pon CPA, CFP